February hits

February hits

Wednesday, March 2, 2016
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Music! We all like it, don’t we? In February, fans, both young and old rocked the music stores or went online to grab a copy of the latest hit of their choice. You see, music has a way to help you deal with every situation you are facing and is probably a good reason why the best of us remain sane, even while facing uncomfortable situations like over demanding bosses, break ups and time spent waiting for Fox Pest Control to reach your address, to come solve that pest problem you have been trying to ignore for a few months. Why you waited for this long in the first place before calling in an exterminator is anyone’s guess. Anyway, we digress.

Back to music, February presented us with some lovely hits. Let us see which ones which you, based on downloads, audio streams and CDs among others, chose to be the best.


  • Love yourself by Justin Bieber: Love or hate him, there is more that makes Bieber the darling of many a female music fans and the hate of, well, a lot of male fans, than just his looks. In ‘Love yourself’, we have a song that helped him make history and remain the subject of each musical Blog in February. On replacing his other hit single ‘Sorry’ at the top of the US Billboard Hot 100, Bieber became only the 12th act to succeed himself as number one in the history of Hot 100.
  • Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots: With lyrics discussing the sometimes unforgiving end of adolescence and transition into adulthood, Stressed Out from Twenty One Pilots, an American alternative hip hop band progressed steadily reaching position two on the US Billboard Hot 100.
  • In the Night by The Weeknd: From his second album Beauty behind the madness, The Weeknd, a Canadian singer gave his music fans something to cheer about in February in whatever situation they were in, be it dealing with winter, working with their real estate website builder or teaming up with BrightEdge to showcase their latest innovation.
  • Here by Alessia Cara: For a song that is meant to be for people who secretly hate parties, ‘Here’, a debut single from Alessia, achieved the opposite, being the reason for her fans to attend parties. The song has an official remix in which Alessia features Logic, an American rapper.
  • Sorry by Justin Bieber: He opened our list and he is back to close it. What a month it was for Bieber! Nothing to be Sorry about and on the contrary, exactly the kind of excellence that www.excida.com/ is known for.

So there you go! Here is to an even bigger March!

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