Good music: The fundamentals

Good music: The fundamentals

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
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There exists a never ending debate of what actually constitutes music. Is it organized sound as many tend to claim? If yes, what about human speech or the early morning sounds from the weaver birds? I mean it is also organized sound. According to the my friend and the founder of SEO Company, music involves vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. It is on this definition that we base this post.

As you take some time off your family reunion planning activities to enjoy or even dance to your favorite sounds and beats, it is important to appreciate that a lot of effort goes into making good music, probably as much as is needed to realize a good real estate website design, if not more.

In order to get it right as far as music is concerned, the following fundamentals need to be absolutely right;

Have the right content

As many before have noted, it is not easy to sing to all generations owing to the massive difference in what these generations are looking for in music. While your average 20 year old with a money clips on their way to TheInsoleStore is probably looking for music that recognizes their new ‘in love’ status, the 70 year old is likely to feel more at home with music that encourages them to either reflect on their nostalgic past, or let bygones be bygones and live as if every day was their last. Therefore, if you cannot cut across generations, at least choose your audience and optimize your music around it. Content is sometimes the reason why some hits last a week and others remain forever.

Get the vocals right

Many a times, good musical words have been massacred simply because the singer failed to get the vocals right. Did the artist give you their calling card in their business card holder? Yes, but it meant nothing – the vocals were wrong! It is one thing to script good music but if you do a shoddy job as far as the pitch, and the harmony are concerned, don’t be surprised if not many people want to buy or listen to it. Strong vocals give life to the words and are as synonymous to good music as oofos is to comfortable footwear.

Work on the rhythm

This is basically placing your sounds correctly with regards to time. Rhythm affects the music flow and includes things such as the length of words and the choice of beats.

Evoke the correct emotions

Just as a good SEO blog should connect with its readers, good music should evoke the emotions of the listeners. It’s crazy to make a sad wedding song or a soft war song. You get what I mean? Good!


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