Good music: The fundamentals

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
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There exists a never ending debate of what actually constitutes music. Is it organized sound as many tend to claim? If yes, what about human speech or the early morning sounds from the weaver birds? I mean it is also organized sound. According to the my friend and the founder of SEO Company, music involves vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. It is on this definition that we base this post.

As you take some time off your family reunion planning activities to enjoy or even dance to your favorite sounds and beats, it is important to appreciate that a lot of effort goes into making good music, probably as much as is needed to realize a good real estate website design, if not more.

In order to get it right as far as music is concerned, the following fundamentals need to be absolutely right;

Have the right content

As many before have noted, it is not easy to sing to all generations owing to the massive difference in what these generations are looking for in music. While your average 20 year old with a money clips on their way to TheInsoleStore is probably looking for music that recognizes their new ‘in love’ status, the 70 year old is likely to feel more at home with music that encourages them to either reflect on their nostalgic past, or let bygones be bygones and live as if every day was their last. Therefore, if you cannot cut across generations, at least choose your audience and optimize your music around it. Content is sometimes the reason why some hits last a week and others remain forever.

Get the vocals right

Many a times, good musical words have been massacred simply because the singer failed to get the vocals right. Did the artist give you their calling card in their business card holder? Yes, but it meant nothing – the vocals were wrong! It is one thing to script good music but if you do a shoddy job as far as the pitch, and the harmony are concerned, don’t be surprised if not many people want to buy or listen to it. Strong vocals give life to the words and are as synonymous to good music as oofos is to comfortable footwear.

Work on the rhythm

This is basically placing your sounds correctly with regards to time. Rhythm affects the music flow and includes things such as the length of words and the choice of beats.

Evoke the correct emotions

Just as a good SEO blog should connect with its readers, good music should evoke the emotions of the listeners. It’s crazy to make a sad wedding song or a soft war song. You get what I mean? Good!


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Music On The Go

Sunday, January 24, 2016
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Let’s be honest; life is not easy! Sometimes things just seem to be going in all the wrong directions and we can’t explain why. I mean, how can you explain why, on this specific day, your crush won’t reply to your texts, the weather is bogus and your assignment’s deadline has been shortened by a week due to an “boardroom emergency”?

For the whole morning, you have been sitting behind your desk listening to your new boss, who has recently been transferred to head your department, below all manner of commands. Boy does she want to make a statement! You can’t wait for the day to end and at this moment, the only thing that makes the day a bit bearable is how soft the spenco insoles feel on your feet.

Oh, wait a moment, there are two other ones; one, you still can’t thank Excida enough after they helped you set up your website and two, you can’t wait for your bus drive back home. This, as weird as it may sound for many people remains your favorite time of the day. You get to put on your earphones and listen to your favorite music! You can move your head to Goodbye, say “Hello from the other side,” forget the Goosebumps your crush gives you! (After all it is his fault he never sees “Beneath your beautiful”) all in one setting and nobody has any right to question you. There is also the ‘reward’ waiting for you at home. The sequence of events is, by now, ingrained in you; get to the house, remove your shoes, admire your insoles, hit the fridge for your favorite chocolate and then hit the internet, to admire how well your website is doing. You remember just how much you had looked for a real estate website builder to match your ambitions and are thankful.

You are now well on the journey that you have dreamed about for so long; to quit employment and become an employer!

Lost in your thoughts, you become oblivious to your surroundings and it is not until your colleague taps on your shoulder, telling you to wake up and go for lunch, that you realize that you had been so self-indulged that you actually managed to shut out you everyone else.

Yes there is still the deadline and yes your newly found crush has to stop ‘feeling sweet’ but who cares! Those can wait for another day. Now it’s time for some fish and chicken wings!

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Colleen Green “Milo Goes To Compton” cassette and LP on sale now!

Saturday, January 17, 2015
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We now have Colleen Green’s classic “Milo Goes To Compton” on limited cassette via a special release with Burger Records. Order the cassette in the next week (Jan 17, 2015 thru Jan 24, 2015) and receive a download code via email. We also have the long out of print lp now on purple vinyl (w/dl code)! 500 copies pressed.



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Colleen Green Japan dates (w/ Cassie Ramone!):
January 23 Uguisudani What’s Up w/ The Death, Nekonokekaos
January 24 Shibuya HMV In Store
January 25 Hamamatsu Kirchherr w/ Velvet Ants, I.FU.E.C., のいず
January 26 Nagoya Kakuozan Larder w/ ハートカクテル
January 27 Kyoto Metro w/ Homecomings, she said
January 30 Osaka Noon w/ Wallflower, Fairy Floss, VVDBLK & Honey Bee Partys DJ
January 31 unlike. In Store & spazio rita w/ Cecile Tiger Again (Show at spazio rita)
February 1 Shimokitazawa Three

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014
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Introducing Wartime, the new solo project by Charles Rowell of Crocodiles. Take a listen to the new single, “WARTIME Won’t Let Me” below.

Following in the footsteps of such musical magpies as Arthur Lee, Arthur Baker, Arthur Russell and Arthur Brown, WARTIME brings us his latest bedroom exercise entitled “Graffiti Dogs (Ku Ku).” A title inspired by the lady boys of Bangkok. This eight song album blends pop and poetry with sprinkles of cinematic delirium in-between. It’s playful menace conjures up both John Waters and Kenneth Anger films. Ramshackle samples collide with wooly drum machines to bring us such originals as “Where Undesirables Grow” and the very Modern Lovers indebted “New Jersey Nets.” Sinewy versions of the Dead Boys “All This And More” and the Dictators “Next Big Thing” also feature on this fantastic fry up of both the peculiar and the precocious. All he demands is inconvenience. All he promotes is dissatisfaction. Join the WAR while supplies last. Get up and dance with the fanatically depraved WARTIME band.

“Graffiti Dogs (Ku Ku)” is the 8 song debut album and available digitally on February 18 and you can preorder the cassette + download code below

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013
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The wait is finally over and the Dream Boys LP is out! Perfect paisley pop from LA for fans of Creation Records, Sarah Records and songs you can’t get out of your head. Listen to the whole LP stream below for a limited time.

You can order the LP+download card below and digital downloads are available on all digital shop worldwide. Shops, we are distributed exclusively by Revolver USA and you can order through them. For press inquiries please contact Kip Kouri at

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013
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We’re are very proud to announce the upcoming release by Los Angeles’ Dream Boys. The debut, self titled LP (AF027) will be released September 17. You can listen to the first track, “Born Yesterday” below.

Dream Boys Cover


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